Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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According to this article hours after the election the UN passed a vote to start talks about the Gun ban treaty back up in march 2013. Russia sadly was the only nation to oppose it. This is a clear stepping stone into our lives to allow the UN disarmament teams to come to your door and take your weapons. Once the UN has control of our guns there will be nothing stopping them to take control of our lives and government. If this treaty passes which it will Obama and Clinton already said they will sign it when it first came up earlier in the year I see a break out of Militias and possible civil war as the most likely option. This regime has been setting the stage to convince week minded sheeple that this will be a good idea from the start mainly with the Fast and Furious operations where THEY gave the firearms to CRIMINALS on purpose just to use it as a backing for this treaty! Don't let them fool you this regime is a cold calculating extremely smart one. Also the youth has been being indoctrinated with union lackey teachers to mold them into a complacent nanny government dependent nation. No nation especially Japan in WW2 would have dreamed of invading mainland America due to the armed civilian population which in a situation like that would be a HUGE force multiplier for the military but once the UN takes our guns it will be up to the government that gave them our guns and freedoms to protect us. By law of common sense is the most backasswards thinking you can have but unfortunately it is the thinking that has been ingrained in the coming of age generations. Buy now stock pile now and consider other options. Black powder has come a long ways since the 1800's takes no time to load and easy and cheap to stockpile necessary ammo and ammo can be forged when manufacturing stops. Bows and crossbows are cheap to maintain and stockpile needed supplies. A broad-head will penetrate light body armor with no problem and they are silent, not to mention you can make your own bolts easily. Live your life as normal in the day and in the shadows prep! DON'T let on to what you have and where you have it cached at! Join forces with a couple other preppers in your local area. work out a combined effort plan for O Shit scenarios, split the cost and work needed to be ready. More articles will follow in a series I plan on doing on prepping and steps needed as well as a tactical thinking article. 

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