Friday, February 17, 2012

Fillet a Fish

This is a Guest Article written by my brother Corbin.

For someone in the forest near a river/lake/stream a major priority is
food. To catch a fish you need bait. In fresh water worms,bread, and
various bugs can be used. If you lack a fishing rod or net the best
substitute could be any form of string material and a stick/limb at
about 7-12 feet that wont break easily. If you lack hooks for a fish
to bite find some wood or bone, anything that can be
carved/ground/whittled down to the shape of a hook and sharp enough to
pierce the scales. If by any luck or use of manliness you find a fish
on the end of a line without a reel pull the string down to your waist
and pull as hard and fast as humanly possible. When your fish is on
the shore and dead, it's time to figure out how to skin/scale it.
first you'll need a knife that can be used to fillet the fish. Once
you obtain a knife/razor, put the blade next to the gills and push
down, Without cutting the fish in half, and slide it toward the tail.
Cut along the side of the spine without cutting off at the tail, leave
a little skin attaching the fillet and the fish together. Flip the
skin over so the meat is facing up and slide the knife along the
bottom of the meat between it and the skin. After a little
blood,sweat,and tears you have a cook-able fillet! 

If you prefer skinning the fish here is how
"Cut the skin behind the head and pectoral fins. Use pliers to remove
the cut skin from the catfish, starting at the head and pulling toward
the tail. Then, grasp the head of the fish with one hand and the body
with the other. Using both hands, break the backbone of the catfish at
the head, and then pull the head and guts away from the skinned body."
[Source: Take Me Fishing]

this is a catfish be careful for the spines in their fins

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